Welcoming The Future

By: Caroline Naughton, Students for Sensible Drug Policy:

As the medical cannabis industry grows and flourishes, businesses must find a way to differentiate themselves. Grounded in the principles of compassion, health and human rights, medical cannabis businesses might choose to position themselves against competitors by implementing effective educational campaigns and by advocating for inclusive, socially responsibly best practices.

Medical cannabis businesses should begin to implement corporate social responsibility programs by serving underrepresented communities in the industry. Through outreach and education, healthcare providers will be able to tap into new markets and communicate the benefits of medical cannabis to a diverse audience. Furthermore, by educating new communities on the therapeutic effects of medical cannabis, the industry will be able to learn more about its product offerings, develop better medicines for its patients, and allocate treatment resources in a more equitable manner. In addition, diversifying the patient base will contribute to the future of medical cannabis research. By including a wide range of people into the industry, researchers will be able to conduct more scientifically sound research with diverse, representative samples.

To advance the social responsibility efforts of the medical cannabis industry, Cannabismedicina brings education to Hispanic communities about the proven healing attributes of medical cannabis. Corporate partners may aid these efforts by sponsoring awareness campaigns seeking to change the debate around medical cannabis, while providing support such as housing and transportation to patients suffering from a wide range of disorders that may warrant the use of this powerful medicine. By partnering with organizations like Cannabismedicina, industry leaders will help shape a diverse and inclusive medical cannabis industry where people of different racial and ethnic backgrounds know about and have equal access to alternative medicine. Through education and outreach, business leaders can create shared value for all stakeholders and meet the quadruple bottom line of people, planet, profits, and purpose.