How do you train aaaa strain auto color correctly?

aaaa strainAutoflower training is a method of growing autoflowering hemp varieties aimed at changing the structure or integrity of a bush in order to influence their size and/or increase their yield. Another name is given to techniques for increasing yields and controlling growth.

The main nuance is that not all types of training are similar to autoflowering cannabis varieties. This is obviously not true for everyone, especially if a newcomer is involved. Some try to apply all the existing techniques to autoflowers, resulting in either extremely unfortunate results or total destruction of the plant.

Why does this happen? Are there any training sessions that are suitable for autos? Our article will provide a comprehensive answer to these questions.

Why are not all types of training suitable for autoflowers?
Let us start by looking at why autoflowering varieties have a negative reaction to most growing techniques. It's simple: The root of the problem is their ability to move into the flowering stage on their own.

aaaa strain
The fact is that almost all types of training are applied to the plant at the vegetation stage. This is the stage when the bush grows and gains green mass. All the vitality of cannabis during this period is spent exclusively on forming new branches and leaves. For this reason, it is relatively easy for the plant to recover from trauma and stress, as there is still plenty of time before flowering to fully devote itself to absorbing nutrients. Autoflowers are almost devoid of vegetative phase, passing into colour almost immediately after the floor is shown. That's why they ripen so quickly.

In the case of a photoperiodic hemp variety, a gardener can give the plant enough time to recover from its injury. So that it rebuilds its structure and continues to grow until it reaches the size it needs. Only then can it move to the flowering stage so that it can begin to form inflorescences that are much larger thanks to training.

This is not the case with autoflowering hemp varieties. Their vega will end in 4-6 weeks, regardless of whether they have recovered from stress or not. If the grower applies a variety of training to autoflowering, the plant has to regenerate, giving it some of the energy it should have developed. Even if it only takes 7 days, it will still only take three of the four weeks of vegetation to grow. The bush will simply grow smaller than it will reduce the "foundation" for the future harvest.

aaaa strain
However, there are methods that can still help your autoflowers to increase their emissions. They all fall into the category of light stress training. These techniques do much less physical damage to the plant, which almost does not slow it down. And when they are applied to lively autoflowers, with a long growing season, the results can be very, very good. However, this option is only possible under favorable growing conditions and good top dressing.

Training can be used not only to increase yield, but also when it is necessary to clearly control the size of the hemp. This is very important for Indore Grover, because quite often their coffers are small in size. This is a tribute to safety: in case of emergency, a small greenhouse is much easier to hide. As a rule, the whole structure is 60-150 cm high. Even if the bush fits into these dimensions, it is worth remembering that there is still room for lamps, pots and ventilation. Therefore, the hemp bush should be at least 30 cm below the height of the box. It turns out that the lion's share of autoflowering varieties, even with average height, does not fall under this criterion.

What should we do? Coach! You can grow branches to the side, cut off hopeless or interfering. You can arrange the tops in one plane so that they receive the same amount of light. In general, we can make sure that the bush gets the most optimal shape. In some cases, growers are able to achieve a tangible increase in productivity, but here comes the experience, abundant fertilization and powerful lighting of the right spectrum.

It is also impossible to do without growth control techniques when it comes to stealth growers. Even if a gardener has planted a dwarf variety of cannabis, you still have to work with the direction of branch growth to give the inflorescences as much light as possible.