CEO Silvia Orizaba founded Cannabismedicina in early 2014 with a dual purpose… to build a strong source of information to the Hispanic community about the healing powers of medical cannabis and to provide support to young patients with neurological disorders and to their families.  The concept was born in Silvia’s mind when she discovered the extent of the negative perception in the Hispanic community about all aspects of marijuana.  After speaking at a cannabis conference in Miami, she was confronted with the urgent need to educate a part of our population that had essentially been left out of the conversation about medical cannabis.

At that conference were many families and their young children who were suffering from a variety of neurological conditions such as cancerous brain tumors and epilepsy.  Meeting these hurting families became the catalyst of the dream to combine Cannabismedicina’s efforts to educate the Latino community with helping these families with their challenges.

Cannabismedicina went to work developing an educational guide both in English and Spanish explaining the basic facts about medical cannabis and its benefits, including the history, medicinal properties and laws about its use.

In October of 2014, Cannabismedicina sent their first two young patients and their families from Chicago and Miami respectively to California to learn how to administer medical cannabis.  Neither of these families had any idea as to dosages or what combination of THC and CBD would be appropriate.   Seeing these young patients derive so much benefit from their treatment was profoundly moving,  and it inspired renewed determination to reach still more children.

The Cannabismedicina staff are committed to being on the front lines of the medical cannabis movement working to educate and support members of our community. By donating to Cannabismedicina, you can help ensure that we will reach our goals!