Sponsors & Partners

“We here at urban-gro feel that education in the Cannabis community is extremely important.  We believe that Cannabismedicina is the perfect organization to spread information about medicinal marijuana to the Latino community. Our company is proud and honored to be supporting a company who’s goal is to share awareness in an industry that has people actively searching for guidance!”  http://www.urban-gro.com

Urban-Gro  supplies professional cultivation solutions and products to maximize plant yield while decreasing energy consumption.

Urban-Gro’s  team of experts brings decades of experience in the horticulture and marijuana growing industry. They understand that each grow is unique and every facility presents a different set of opportunities and challenges. By taking the time to understand your unique circumstances we are able to customize a light plan to help you meet your goals, maximizing efficiency and securing any eligible rebate offers.

Cannabis Training Institute

“CTI supports Cannabismedicina because we believe our mission is similar in nature, focusing on education.  It is a place to get involved and share the latest most updated information about the industry.  We see Cannabismedicina as a source to help provide this education for those in the Latino/Hispanic community wanting to learn more about the industry.”

Cannabis Training Institute (CTI) is an online training and certification resource for cannabis businesses, entrepreneurs, clinicians & policymakers.  The official online training provider for the Patient Focused Certification program by Americans for Safe Access, CTI’s easy-to-use educational resources are utilized by respected dispensaries, cultivation facilities and cannabiis testing laboratories across the United States.