Silvia Orizaba


Our founder, Silvia Orizaba has been a supporter of health and wellness for most of her adult life. She is a certified nutritionist, a physical therapist assistant and has studied kinesiology. Her interest in medical cannabis was inspired by her many physical therapy patients, having witnessed first­ hand the myriad of benefits they derived from using medical cannabis.

Orizaba, a respected expert in the medical cannabis field, has educated others from every angle —from opening and operating a dispensary to cultivating and processing medicinal cannabis to teaching the various methods of use.

Silvia has created a coalition of medicinal cannabis industry representatives and leaders from around the country and continues to build relationships. Her goal is to promote, educate and advocate for this burgeoning industry and for the safe use of cannabis as medicine.

Nancy Winestock

Executive Director/Board Member

Nancy Winestock was recently named Executive Director at Cannabis Medicina. Nancy co-founded and served as President of another non-­for­-profit organization four years ago called Research for Eosinophilic Disorder (RFED). Her son was diagnosed at age ten with the disease Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EE). At that time, Nancy was approached by her son’s pediatric gastrointestinal specialist from Ann and Robert H Lurie Children’s hospital in Chicago to help raise money for research.

An entrepreneur at heart, Nancy has developed, marketed and sold new ideas and products for her own start-­up companies. In 2006, she designed and patented a more functional post-­surgical dog collar after her own dog struggled with the cone used immediately following surgery. The pet industry and pet owners alike have embraced this highly useful product and tens of thousands have been sold across the world. In addition, she is the Co­-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Clear Global, Inc., an organization which designs and patents innovative products.

Nancy is responsible for the day ­to ­day operations and overseeing the promotion for the Association. This includes e­marketing programs, researching new markets to identify best practices for educational programs, overseeing publications within the Hispanic Community, as well as guidance of all special projects.  Nancy has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism Degree from New York University.

Amanda Guerrero

Director of Business Development

Amanda Guerrero, Director of Business Development, joined the Cannabis Medicina family in June 2015. Born and raised in Chicago, Amanda is truly passionate about education, community and cannabis. Growing up a third generation Latina gave her a unique perspective on the world around her and allowed her to pursue various avenues not readily available to first generation families.

Amanda wants to make a difference in the Latino community by promoting equal opportunities in cannabis for first, second and third generation families.  At a young age she realized that being a Mexican American woman meant that you had to adhere to different social standards. In 2006 she marched in the immigration reform parade held in Chicago alongside her family who was there to represent a great-aunt.

Currently, Amanda shares the same beliefs as she did during the 2006 parade. She is a proud Latina who wants to empower her community and make their voices heard! Amanda is currently a student at Wilbur Wright College and began working in the cannabis arena in March, 2015. Since then she has made it her mission to know anything and everything about the benefits of medical cannabis and how it can help improve the global community.

It is her hope to become a resource to the Latino community and encourage full participation in the cannabis industry; this includes community and business outreach. Since coming aboard she has enthusiastically shared our mission and looks forward to future outreach.

Caroline Naughton


Caroline Naughton, the development coordinator for Cannabis Medicina, is a third­year student at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, where she studies Neuroscience and Psychology, and is also completing NU’s Business Institutions Program.

In the future, Caroline hopes to be an entrepreneur, while marrying her interests in mental health and drug policy with her passions for science, education and advocacy.

Caroline currently serves as the President of Northwestern’s Students for Sensible Drug Policy and as the Vice President of Risk Management for her sorority.

Caroline’s hobbies include social media networking, traveling, a cappella, and improv. Caroline will be interning for the Drug Policy Alliance in her hometown of Washington, D.C. this summer.