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Sponsor Relationships

Cannabismedicina’s mission is to educate and raise awareness to the Latino/Hispanic community of the extraordinary benefits of medical cannabis.

Our company seeks to educate, connect, and energize the millions of Latino/Hispanic people living with medical conditions who are losing hope with current synthetic medicines. As part of this mission, we intend to lend support to families whose children who have been stricken with either physical or emotional disorders and have not been able to find any relief from conventional medicines.

Through cooperative effort, we will proudly represent our joint missions with our community outreach programs.

We would be honored to include you as part of the Cannabismedicina family. Through our partnership, we can help communities throughout the United States understand the proven healing attributes of medical cannabis while continuing to lend support to these families.

Let’s work together to help change the face and end the confusion surrounding medical cannabis.

For information please contact us at [email protected]