Meditation under ice wreck strain cbd shop

ice wreck strain cbd shopMeditation is understood as a type of mental exercise that allows one to go into a special state of consciousness, to disconnect from external stimuli, to stop the flow of thoughts and to open new facets of perception. Meditation and marijuana have similar effects, and by combining one and the other a person gets an opportunity to strengthen the meditative state, to open up new sides of it and get an amazing spiritual experience.

The concept of meditation
Immersed in a state of meditation, each person pursues his own goals, and even the concept of meditation itself may have different meanings.

So, meditation is understood as:

  • Deep reflections on a topic, which are accompanied by abstraction from external and internal distractions.
  • Internal concentration or actions that contribute to its achievement.
  • An altered "trance" state that allows one to travel to other, non-material worlds.
  • Meditation - a special state of the brain.
From a scientific point of view, meditation is a special state of the brain, in which it changes the course of biochemical processes and increases the content of endorphins - substances that dull pain and cause a state of happiness.

ice wreck strain cbd shopMarijuana in the history of spiritual practices
Indian yogis have been using marijuana in their spiritual practices for many centuries.
Marijuana is widely used in their practices by Tantric Buddhists. They believe that cannabis can calm an overactive brain full of controversial and unnecessary thoughts.
In the philosophy of Rastafarianism marijuana is considered not only as a "key to understanding yourself", but also as a "guide to cosmic consciousness".
Indian Sadhu (yoga and meditation specialists) considered marijuana an additional source of psychological strength.
Marijuana gives a person engaged in his spiritual development, to see much more - this was recognized by many, including the legendary Castaneda, who told the world about the "Paths of Knowledge".
Marijuana and meditation is an alliance that enhances the feeling of deep awareness. For the most part this applies to Indica, as its effect slows down the transmission of information through the nerve cells of the human body. This allows us to "disconnect" ourselves from external factors and thus achieve the increased concentration of consciousness that is necessary to achieve a meditative trance.

The rhythm of modern life is stressful - a person is exposed to many different irritants on a daily basis. Stress at work, constant demands and obligations, continuous fuss in pursuit of material values, growing needs and oppression of responsibility ...

If the brain is not allowed to "reboot" from time to time, it can lead to psychological health problems. A person develops symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety, which may eventually have a negative impact on physical health.

Meditation under marijuana gives the chance to make such "reboot", to look at the world around in a new way, to clean out all "garbage" from the head. Meditation brings man back ice wreck strain to his true primordial nature, to a natural state of peace.

Where to begin meditation.
meditation advice

Here are some tips from experienced gurus:

  • Before you start meditation, you should focus on breathing. This will make it easier to switch to the viewer mode.
  • Watching your thoughts as if from the outside, it will be much easier to move them into the background of perception.
  • To achieve concentration, it is good to repeat the words "breath" and "exhale". This will help throw away unnecessary things and move to a state of "here and now.
  • Indicative stone is the ideal basis for meditation
  • Many people ask what kind of marijuana is good for meditation? Indicas cbd shop and indica-dominant hybrids that cause stone-effects are best suited for this purpose.

ice wreck strain cbd shopThe effect of the stone-effect is as follows:

  • Body relaxation, where every movement is difficult - there is often an overwhelming desire to lie down on the sofa and not get up;
  • the perception of time changes - it slows down;
  • heightened senses - sounds may seem louder, colors - juicier, richer, touches - exciting;
  • there is often the feeling that the consciousness is leaving the physical carrier and entering the astral plane;
  • the course of thought activity changes - the eternal inner dialogue becomes easier to stop, thinking ceases to be logical and becomes figurative.
The emerging state as a whole is characterized by the shift of perception not to the outer but to the inner world. The human being becomes a thoughtful contemplative viewer, which is best suited for the beginning of meditative techniques and helps to immerse oneself in a special state of consciousness. Some meditation specialists recommend using an excitatory Sativa at the beginning of the lesson, and then move on to the contemplative Indica.