What is Cannabis? Cannabis is a plant that originated in Central Asia and is now grown in many parts of the world. When we refer to cannabis we mean the flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant. Both of which can be used medically. The cannabis plant contains... read more


In July 2013, the United States Census Bureau determined that 54 million Hispanics live in the United States. That is roughly translated to 17% of the population. Broken down, Hispanic subgroups include people who consider themselves as other than Hispanic or Latino.... read more

Diversity in the Medical Cannabis Industry

By: Caroline Naughton, Students for Sensible Drug Policy: The medical cannabis industry and drug policy reformers should collaborate and form strategic partnerships to further both parties’ interests. By forming alliances between the activist and business communities,... read more

A Socially Responsible Medical Cannabis Industry

Welcoming The Future By: Caroline Naughton, Students for Sensible Drug Policy: As the medical cannabis industry grows and flourishes, businesses must find a way to differentiate themselves. Grounded in the principles of compassion, health and human rights, medical... read more