CBD Transdermal Patch – 35mg*

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In Good Health’s Patches begin with a great industry partnership between Manna Molecular Science and In Good Health. This long lasting, discreet delivery method is the result of combining Manna’s proprietary transdermal delivery system (TTDS) with In Good Health’s handcrafted cannabis distillate. Transdermal absorption occurs when cannabinoids are absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream. Since cannabinoids do enter the bloodstream, psychoactive effects will be experienced when THC is present. Transdermal methods are intended to affect areas throughout the body, not only at the site of application. This is different from topical products, such as topical lotions or creams, which will only have an effect at the site of application. Onset generally occurs 20 to 60 minutes after application, and effects may last 10 – 12 hours. First time users should begin with a dose of 25mg or less. If undesired effects are experienced, transdermal patch may be removed and effects will subside within 30 minutes. Effectiveness may be evaluated after 1 hour and if desired effects have not been achieved, a stronger dose may be required. Directions: Clean skin using alcohol swab or by washing with soap. Dry thoroughly. Remove backing and apply patch to intact skin, pressing firmly to ensure adhesion. Ingredients: Menthol, camphor, methyl salicylate, mineral oil, oleic acid, cannabis extract. Application Areas: Inside of wrists, top of hands, inside/outside of biceps, outside shoulder, under armpit, back or back of neck, or wherever patient experiences muscle soreness, stiffness, pain or weakness.