GRAV Glycerin Chiller

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PRODUCT DETAILS What’s cooler than being cool? Getting ice cold hits three ways with the GRAVĀ® Glycerin Chiller Multi Kit. The superstar of this kit is the mouthpiece filled with glycerin, which can reach subzero temperatures without freezing. You can keep it simple with the taster attachment, which holds a small amount of plant matter and is angled for easy use. Or you can kick things up a notch and add the extra filtration of the bubbler attachment, which works best with about 0.5″ of water. If you’re a concentrate fan, the vapor nozzle is the perfect choice for you. No matter which attachment you choose, this kit includes a 14mm plastic joint clamp to keep everything secured in place. SPECIFICATIONS Carb: On the left Comes with: 14mm Plastic Joint Clamp Designed by: Stephan Peirce Filtration type: Glycerin Cooling & Cross-cut Downstem Joint: 14mm Female Length height: 6″ Use with: Flower & Concentrate