Jack Herer Cart

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Jack Herer Carts are ideal for cannabis consumers that are looking for a balance of effects. It’s been dubbed a “wake and bake” strain, and is reputed to increase energy while relaxing the body just enough to want to keep moving. Users say Jack Herer offers a mellow high accompanied with focus, so anyone pursuing creative tasks or conversations may benefit from this strain as cerebral activity enhances. It has been acclaimed by users for improving visualization and brainstorming, while some like to use it to reduce the symptoms of migraines, headaches, and stress

Our Jack Herer Carts have a 1:1 D8:D9 ratio which aids in clear-headedness, with a lower change of an overwhelming psychotropic effect. Research shows that Delta-8-THC contains properties that may help stimulate appetite, or reduce nausea, while Delta-9-THC contains properties that strongly reduces stress and tension, from both mental and physical pains.