Jean Carlos Luxury Migar – NOW & LATER 3g (REC)

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Descending from 4 generations of cigar makers of the Esteli region in Nicaragua, Jean Carlos’ life path was predefined. He was well acquainted with the process of rolling cigars via the traditional tobacco-based method when he became a connoisseur of sorts in the cannabis world. Then tragedy struck when his father passed away due to lung cancer, likely due to being an avid cigar smoker. This all manifested within him and inspired him to develop a better alternative to smoking cannabis using tobacco leaves… giving life to the one and only 100% cannabis leaf Migar. Through a natural (and proprietary) method of removing the sugars, starches and chlorophyll from cannabis leaves (also known as curing), not only does it prevent mold from growing in the cannabis cigar but it also provides its’ user with the exquisite experience of tasting their quality flower within it. Tobacco leaves typically overpower the taste of a fine bud, and this is what separates Jean Carlos Migars from the rest.