Lemon Jack NR Cartridge 0.5g

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Sativa. Jack Herer x Lemon Kush Lemon, Sour, Gas. TAC: 84.1% THC: 78.6% CBD: 0.2% CBG: 1.7% CBC: 1.6% CBN: 1.20% Jack Herer’s sour sister, Lemon Jack, mixes the classic fuel flavor of Jack with a splash of lemonade. This cart is great for daytime use, providing a solid dose of motivation and energy. Batch: NR510-LemJak-02042021-04 Created on: 2/4/21 Tested on: 2/28/21 Use by: 2/4/21 THC Distillate produced through CO2 extraction, winterized with ethanol, followed by wiped film distillation. Net Weight: 0.017637oz (0.5g) INCLUDES MULTIPLE SERVINGS. 1 Serving= 5mg. 100 Servings per cartridge. 0.086oz Qty of Usable Marijuana. Liquid 6 Glass Cartridge-510 connection. Housing: Glass/Wick: Ceramic/ Seals: Silicone, Atomizer: Nichrome-embedded in porous Ceramic. WARNING: Vaporizer Products may contain ingredients harmful to health when inhaled. This product does not contain medium chain triglycerides (MCT) or polyethylene glycol (PG) but was manufactured in a facility that contains MCT. This product was produced using terpenes derived from sources other than Cannabis. This product has been tested for contaminants, including Vitamin E Acetate, with no adverse findings. View a copy of the testing results (Certificate of Analysis) at the dispensary purchased upon request. Terpinolene 14.481mg 3.636% ß-Caryophyllene 5.994mg 1.437% Myrcene 3.206mg 0.873% ß-Pinene 2.206mg 0.551% Limonene 1.729mg 0.447% d-3-Carene 1.609mg 0.409% Lemon terpenes 1.593mg 0.412% a-Bisabolol 1.402mg 0.329% Ocimene 1.251mg 0.337% a-Pinene 1.219mg 0.309% Citral 1.000mg 0.244% Nerol 0.745mg 0.185% Linalool 0.717mg 0.179% Humulene 0.554mg 0.131% a-Terpineol 0.486mg 0.113% a-Phellandrene 0.466mg 0.119% Camphene 0.354mg 0.088% a-Terpinene 0.335mg 0.087% Fenchol 0.235mg 0.053% Valencene 0.096mg 0.022% Geraniol 0.080mg 0.020% Citronellol 0.048mg 0.012% Camphor 0.008mg 0.002% Cedrene 0.004mg 0.001% Isoborneol 0.004mg 0.001% L-Menthol 0.004mg 0.001% Sabinene 0.004mg 0.001% Totals: 39.828mg 9.999%