MCC – Ice Canna-Cubes Goodnight Grape Motor City Cannabites (MED)

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Motor City Cannabites – Ice Canna-Cubes Goodnight Grape Our new product, Goodnight Grape, is a new non-psychoactive sleep aide hard candy. This means the consumer will not feel a “high” like when consuming a THC only product, instead you will feel relaxed, calm, and sleepy. THC-1 mg -to enhance the effects of CBD CBD-10 mg -to produce a calming, relaxed effect without the consumer feeling a psychoactive “high” CBN-1 mg -Cannabinol is a cannabinoid that is not psychoactive but produces a sedative effect, which helps induce sleep in the consumer MELATONIN -1 mg the low range dose of melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that helps induce sleep, and can be supplemented for short-term sleep aide This is the non-habit forming, non-psychoactive cannabis based sleep aide available. It has shown significant promise for people with a wide variety of ailments that struggle with falling asleep.