(MED) Sundara Cannabis Infused Lubricant

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An intensifying personal experience! Sundara THC is a Cannabis-infused lubricant.

Designed to enhance intimacy, stimulate, heal and deepen pleasure! Deliciously and lightly scented using all-natural oils. Made with organic ingredients, Sundara is a luxurious lubricant & multi-purpose topical. Sundara is a safe & healing addition to your medicine or boudoir cabinet! THC has proven medical benefits when applied topically, which impacts sexual response and enjoyment including increased blood flow, sensitivity to touch, as well as pain relief. THC acts as a vasodilator which means it brings blood to the surface of where it’s used. Applied to the clitoris, for example, it encourages more blood flow to the area which enhances arousal, lubrication, and sensation! In addition, many patients are using it to ease and prevent discomfort if irritation is present during sexual activity. Many women with endometriosis and/or fibroids have been finding relief with this product as well. Set the “mood”, boost arousal, increase moisture during partner or solo play.

Directions for use: Apply one or two dropper fulls to the clitoris & vulva or other intimate areas. Works best in 10-15 minutes (enjoy foreplay while you wait for the magic!).   185mg THC