Omura Flowerstick 12 Pack- 1.75g- Citrique

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*REQUIRES OMURA VAPORIZER* 12 cannabis flower sticks consisting of all Rev Clinics cultivars/strains. Only 100% whole flower in every stick delivering the full entourage effects. No trim, chemicals or additives. Omura’s patented technology precisely grinds the THC rich to pack the flower as a Porous Plug. This keeps the flower intact while creating a smooth airflow with minimal resistance for consistent sessions. The process of grinding and filling flower sticks also helps maintain the integrity of the flower by minimizing the oxidation to the plant from the outside environment. Strain Type: Hybrid (60S/40I) Genetics: Lime Skunk & Orange Valley OG This strain is bursting with floral aroma and citrus flavor. Being a slightly Sativa dominant strain, Citrique leaves you uplifted and refreshed, while still feeling relaxed and satisfied. This flower is a sure-fire favorite for patients looking for abundant flavor. You can expect notes of sour lime and terpy lemon. Breeder: Exotic Genetix.