(REC) Six Labs Tropicana Banana x Sour Zkittles Hash Rosin 1g

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Tropicanna Banana is bursting with exotic aromas, and smoking this strain feels like delving into a medley of tropical fruit. There are distinct flavors of banana and mango, with sour notes of kiwi and citrus that are most likely a product of this strain’s Tangie ancestry. Subtle hints of vanilla and bright floral notes on the exhale tie all the flavors together beautifully. Crossed with Sour Zkittles which is a predominantly sativa mix of Sour Diesel and Bubble Gum. Both parent strains are admired for their exquisite flavors and the happy, uplifting effects they produce. Once combined, Sour Candy takes on a mouth watering array of sweet, tropical fruit flavors with a pungent diesel finish.