Rude Boi Dropper 500mg

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-THC: 72.8% -Strain Type: Indica-Dominant -Genetics: Irene Og x Faceoff OG This is a go-to strain for all kinds of patients looking to treat problems surrounding mental illness. Users report clearheaded, potently sublime effects and a significant jump in overall mood. As with most Indicas, one can expect to feel somewhat lethargic and very hungry after an hour or so of the initial smoke session. High in Pinene, Humulene, and Caryophyllene. -Effects: Creativity Euphoria Sleep Relaxation Pain Relief -Consider for: Appetite Loss Anxiety Insomnia Pain Relief Depression PTSD -Primary Terpenes: Pinene Humulene Caryophyllene -Aromas: Hashy Kushy -Flavors: Spicy Earthy Coffee Nutty Cannabis vaporizers are a great way to consume discreetly and consistently. Vape cartridges contain concentrated cannabis oil that is heated by a battery and vaporized for inhalation. These products are very potent and are designed to be consumed in 2-3 second puffs. -About this Brand: UKU /ˈYOU-KOO/ UKU designs cannabis products to be the perfect companions for your elevated lifestyle. They believe in the power of the plant and use the best of modern technology to harness that power and produce some of the purest, potent and consistent oils available. Using industry leading hardware, their oil line includes a range of potency and flavor experiences for all cannabis consumers. UKU products are currently available at dispensaries across Massachusetts, Oregon, California, Maryland Nevada and Maine.